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Acana Regionals: Meadowland

Acana Regionals Meadowland dry food is a very solid addition to my Best Dry Food For Cats recommendations. If you are on a budget, I still believe Merrick: Before Grain is the best option (due to the value) however if your cat doesn’t like that then Acana Regionals is a top choice.

Acana Regionals: Meadowland
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Health Benefits
  • Value


The cats loved the taste, often choosing this dry over the wet I had provided them with. First two ingredients are deboned meat which is superb. Larger Kibble size which might not be suitable for small cats. Could be cheaper but still good value for the quality you are getting. Highly recommended.

Quality of Ingredients

If you have read any of my other reviews then you will know that I have a list of guidelines that everything I test must go by.

  • NO Grain
  • NO Artificial Flavours or Preservatives
  • NO Potentially Poisonous Ingredients
  • Meat is the First 2 Ingredients

As with all dry food, it is neccessary to have some form of binding agent. The primary binding in this dry food appears to be red lentils and pinto beans. However this binding agent is quite far down on the ingredient list, number 8 and 9. This can only be a good thing as every ingredient above that is some kind of animal product. Whats very nice is that the first two ingredients are deboned chicken and deboned turkey. A lot of dry foods have one deboned meat as number 1 and the second is a form of meat ‘meal’. I’m not saying that meal is particulary bad, but I am saying that deboned meat is better, so Acana Regionals really shines in it’s quality of ingredients.


I’ve said before that I don’t have particularly fussy cats, however when they are choosing the dry food over the wet food then this really does mean something. Considering that wet food is supposed to be the really enjoyable part of the cats meal. Acana seemed to have hit the nail on the head with the taste then.

Cat in the long grass

Kibble Size

I had to include this section in the review because the kibbles are larger than what I am used to. While this was absolutely no problem for my 2 cats, which are both medium sized, if you have a smaller cat then it may be an issue. Don’t let this put you off however as you should be able to get a much smaller bag to test before you go for thre bigger more expensive bags. If you do think it will be an issue then I recommend Farmina Natural and Delicious as the kibble size is smaller.

Health Benefits

I really should never see any negative health affects with any of the dry foods I test because of the guidelines I use. Acana Regionals: Meadowland performed as expected. My cat with the stomach issues was absolutely fine on this product and both cats maintained their shiny, soft coats and energy levels throughout the trial.

Kitten peering over a cushion


All the meat is delivered fresh to the factory in the U.S.A. so this is reassuring. However it seems to have driven the price up considerabaly. This is not a cheap dry food however the quality is extremely high. Value overall is pretty good but not 5 star, this is the only place that Acana Regionals Meadowland is let down. I really think that it could be cheaper.


My cats loved the food full stop. I really was impressed with how much they enjoyed it. The ingredients are very good with the first 2 ingredients being deboned meat which is excellent. I would avoid if you have especially small cats but it should be fine for any cat of medium size or bigger. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, for example Merrick: Before Grain, but Acana is also good value for what you are getting. Highly recommended dry food for cats.

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