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Nutrisca: Truly Flaked

Sometimes you have to let your cat have the final say when choosing a new food, and I’m certain that the flavoursome Nutrisca Flaked range will convince Mr. Tibbles somewhat easily!

Nutrisca: Truly Flaked
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Health
  • Value


The Nutrisca Truly Flaked range has plenty of good quality ingredients, and is a strong contender for the tastiest cat food! The soft flakes are easy to eat, there are added vitamins and minerals for improved well-being and you can buy a pack that will last you almost a fortnight!

Quality of Ingredients

Having tuna and salmon as two of the first ingredients in the list proves that Nutrisca is serious about keeping your cat lean and healthy. They’re both very good protein sources, so your cat won’t be piling on the pounds with this canned food.

Sunflower oil, which is next in the list, is a great source of vitamin E – helpful for preventing cardiovascular disease.

Nutrisca make their cat food in Thailand, and although some people prefer to only buy home-grown products like Instinct Original or Crave, I’ve found that the Truly Flaked range seems healthy enough for my cats. The company are very strict in adhering to high standards in their recipes.


This is the food you want to buy if you have a picky cat! Seafood is a winner for most cats, and I can safely say that’s true for my two! You can see the real chunks in the food, which means that the whole dish will be very fishy. The whole range includes some sort of fish – there’s mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimp and even sea bream, crab and sardine! I guarantee you’ll find one that your cats absolutely love, if not all of them!

Scary kitten eating daisies


As you can tell by the name, this cat food comes with the seafood flaked, in a broth. Depending on your cat, this is either great because they can slurp up the juices (which mine did before they even attempted the flakes!) or not so good because they like to get into the meal quickly and they could get quite messy. If your cat doesn’t enjoy a pâté type food, then this may be more up their street.


The ingredients of theTruly Flaked range give plenty of protein with added prebiotics and vitamins, so it’s a great way to keep your cat a healthy size and shape.

However, it’s usually advised not to feed your cat too much fish (especially tuna) because of the high mercury levels it can contain. This means that although these cans are not unhealthy, it’s probably best to mix them up with a different range that includes other meats such as chicken.


The Nutrisca Truly Flaked cans are 2.7 oz, and it’s recommended that you feed your cat 1 – 2 cans per 6 – 10lbs of body weight in a day. That’s only if you are solely feeding wet food – if you’re using dry food too (which I do because it offers other nutritional benefits that wet just can’t!) then you should check the label of your dry food too and reduce that by 1/4 cup.

Grey kitten in grass

You can buy a pack of 24 cans that will last you two weeks. Not bad considering how much my cats enjoy this and how impressed I was with their health after feeding this!

You can also easily refrigerate these cans (but remember to feed at room temperature) so none will go to waste either.


My cats were super happy with the Nutrisca Truly Flaked Tuna and Salmon variant. It obviously tasted good and it was clear to see there was a good amount of seafood in the meal, which they wolfed down easily. The cans are somewhat smaller than other brands I have tried, such as Ziwi Peak, but as the feeding guidelines state, I only need 1 – 2 cans per day which means that the quality of the food is high and there are enough calories in those tins to keep my cats fit, healthy and more importantly (according to them!) not hungry!

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