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Crave: Wet Cat Food Trays

Designed to mimic your cat’s wild and natural diet, Crave’s wet cat food trays are a great example of a delicious, grain-free meal that your cat will no doubt love. Crave’s wet cat food was an easy choice for my and my cats because of their great values and tasty options.

Crave: Wet Cat Food Trays
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Health
  • Value


These wet food trays offer everything your cat needs in a meal – high protein, good flavour and a moist meaty selection. Crave uses high quality ingredients and has tried, and succeeded, to re-create a cat food that is similar to the natural diet of our feline friends.

Quality of Ingredients

As with every single product I’ve tried, tested and recommended, Crave follows all of my guidelines on ingredients. They pride themselves on being grain-free, and the ingredients list speaks for itself. The first six mentioned are all meat or meat-based (including broths for flavour). That means that your cat is getting an incredible amount of protein when eating these meals, which is something that is crucial for their diet.

I was impressed with the way that Crave actively promotes the right kind of proteins in their meals, and they also have a lot of information about reading cat food labels and how to care for your cat on their website.

Ginger cat on stool looking at camera


It was obvious that these trays of food were tasty from the minute I opened the packaging. Luckily though, cats have a better sense of smell than we do because there wasn’t a strong smell coming from the food to me, but my cats knew straight away that something good was coming. They really enjoyed their portions and licked the bowls clean.


As I’ve mentioned, my cats are partial to a soft pâté texture in their food. I know that some cats prefer flaked food, like Nutrisca Truly Flaked, but with this food, it’s advertised as a pâté so you’ll know what to expect when you open the tray. There’s also a good amount of gravy keeping the pâté moist, which is great because my cats were able to grab every single last bit by licking up the sauce.

However, when opening the tray, be careful of the gravy because it is likely to drip out onto you. Crave could have made the food a little bit thicker if they wanted to make sure none escaped when opening the container, but a better option would probably be just to put the food in a can rather than a tray.


When it comes to keeping your cat healthy, Crave has really hit the mark. I always check for high protein sources in my cats’ food, and there is plenty of protein in Crave’s trays – 12% in fact!

As the food comes in ready-made portions, Crave have made it easy to keep track of serving sizes and calories for your cat which means that you won’t be accidentally over feeding them.

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Crave Wet Cat Food Trays are sectioned into 48 individual portions so you can always be sure of how much to feed your cat (guidelines are on their website). It would be better if one case lasted a little longer – you’ll need one case for just under 2 weeks for an average sized 8lb cat, so it’s not the deal of the century but for the quality of food, I recommend trying it out.


Crave Wet Cat Food Trays are a great purchase. There’s plenty of protein to keep your cat lean and strong, and a good enough taste to keep even the most picky of cats happy! The company also offers lots of help and support on their website which is great for new pet owners, or if you’re just unsure about something to do with caring for your cat. I recommend trying these trays also because they make life easy for you when serving up your cat’s dinner.

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