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Tiki Cat: Koolina Luau

Not only does Tiki Cat cook their Luau foods like we humans do – simmering and scrambling – but they have a huge variety of flavours to choose from which is awesome for your most pickiest of eaters. Your cat will get plenty of protein, vitamins and plenty of moisture eating Tiki Cat’s canned food, without the added grains or carbs they don’t need!

Tiki Cat: Koolina Luau
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This canned cat food is a tasty meal for my cats, who love to lick the consommé clean and chew on the shredded chicken. The added moisture to the food is great and it’s a completely balanced meal for cats across all life stages.

Quality of Ingredients

The first ingredient is obviously chicken, as per my guidelines, but Tiki Cat have also included quite a lot of egg in this particular flavour of cans which provide a lot more protein too. When you open the can, you can actually see real pieces of the shredded chicken – it hasn’t been minced up so you can tell that their is a high percentage of actual meat inside.

grumpy brown cat


The pieces of chicken and egg, along with the consommé apparently make for a very tasty meal. It doesn’t smell too strong to me either, which I like because it seems more natural when there’s not a bad smell coming from the tin. There’s a small amount of tuna fish oil added to this so I can imagine that helps with the flavor too!


My two boys are used to thicker, more pâté type texture (they love Instinct Original and Crave  )  however Tiki Cat Koolina Luau canned foods went down a treat despite having a runnier consistency as they are mixed with a broth-type consommé. I think it’s to do with the chunks of meat – they’re fairly big but that was a bonus for my cats. There’s a lot of moisture too which means that it can be licked up easily so if your cat doesn’t drink a great deal then this food will help add water to their diet.


As cats should primarily be eating meat to get their protein, the Koolin Luau cat foods are great because they include meat but you can also find eggs in the ingredients too. Tiki Cat also hand-pack all of their wet cat foods in a human-grade facility so you know that their guidelines for your cat’s health are a main priority.

White and brown kitten in a tree


You can buy Tiki Cat cansin two different sizes – a 2.8oz can and a 6oz can, which is good because you can choose to buy in bulk if you have more than one cat. However, Tiki Cat recommends that you feed between 1 – 2 of the smaller cans per day for a 3kg cat so you would be looking at buying a case of 12 every week or maybe more if your cat requires more calories.


Tiki Cat Koolina Luau foods are a good quality, high protein source of wet canned food for your cats. There’s a good amount of chunky meat in the tins, and the consommé adds a lot of extra moisture which a lot of cats might need. The variety of flavours are good and I like the company’s approach to manufacturing and packing.


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