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Farmina: Natural & Delicious

Farmina Natural & Delicious is a premium dry food for cats. It makes my Best Dry Food For Cats list quite easily due to it’s quality level of ingredients. Have a read to see in a little more detail on why this is a top choice for your smallest friends.

Farmina: Natural & Delicious
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Health Benefits
  • Value


A very high quality premium dry food for cats. All of the kibbles were eaten very fast due to the small kibble size. Slightly more expensive but still very good value for what you are getting. highly recommended.

Quality of Ingredients

I have set guidelines to go by every time I choose a wet or dry food for my cats. It ensures that they are getting food as healthy as possible for their natural diets.

  • NO Grain
  • NO Artificial Flavours or Preservatives
  • NO Potentially Poisonous Ingredients
  • Meat is the First 2 Ingredients

Farmina Natural and Delicious have a very strong ethos of not using any grains or gluten in their products. However as with all dry foods there has to be some sort of binding agent in the ingredients list to keep the food together during the cooking process. In this case it’s potato. It’s quite normal to have potato in the list of ingredients for a dry food however in this case it is 3rd in the list. It doesn’t say what % the potato is so I cannot comment on weather there is too much and meat is the first 2 ingredients on the list so I have no problem with this. Overall I have to give it 5 star simply for going by my guidelines completely.

Cat in brown long grass


I always find this section difficult as I do not have particularly fussy cats, however I can say that they always came running when they heard the sound of the kibbles shaking and the bowls were always empty. I reviewed Acana Regionals Meadowland recently and they absolutely loved it, I can’t say that it was eaten as ferociously as Acana was but if all the food is gone for the entire duration of the trial it must be very tasty.

Kibble Size

As with my Acana Regionals review, I have added this section out of nessesity. I noticed that Farmina Natural Delicious has relatively small kibbles. I have medium sized cats and noticed it was going down very easily due to the size. I also can report no problems with digestion. However I have read before that if you have a quite a large cat then having very small kibbles may be an issue. They can swallow the food without fully chewing which can cause problems with digestion. If you have a bigger cat then Acana Regionals Meadowland is a great choice due to the larger size of their kibbles.

Health Benefits

I am very pleased to report that there was absolutlely no visible negative effects from this dry food on wither of my cats. They maintained their shiny coats, healthy bowel movements and energy levels throughout. You should always give a cat time to get used to a new cat food but if you ever notice any prolonged issues with a type of food then stop immediately. There are so many options available on the market to find one that your cat loves.

Cat sniffing leaves


This is one of the only sections that I have anything negative to say about Farmina Natural and Delicious. Yes the quality is very high and you might say you are paying for what you are getting but I still think it is slightly higher than it should be. Comparing this food to Merrick: Before Grain shows that you can have very high quality food with healthy ingredients for slightly less money. However if you have tried other cheaper alternatives before then this is a very good choice for you.


Overall this dry food is exceptional quality. Farmina is produced around the world which may be the reason the price is higher due to import costs. I had no issues at all with my cats and they devoured every kibble I provided them with. Definetely worth a try if you are trying different kinds of premium dry foods. Highly Recommended.

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