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Nature’s Variety: Instinct Original

Finding a premium wet cat food that is both healthy and tasty for your cat can be difficult. However, Nature’s Variety Instinct Original seems to have perfected their recipe so that your cat gets everything he needs in one delicious meal.

Nature's Variety Instinct Original
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Health
  • Value


My cats loved Nature’s Variety Instinct Original, and so did I. It’s great value for money as I can share a can between my two, they loved the taste and I can be confident that they’re eating the best ingredients with so many added vitamins. I’d recommend this product as the wet food to buy for your cats if you’re considering changing brands!

Quality Of Ingredients

The first ingredient in this cat food is chicken. This means that the proportion of real chicken meat is higher than anything else on the list. I like that fact that Nature’s Variety also use cage-free chickens so they’re healthy and well-fed all their lives – it’s makes it more of a guilt-free product!

There’s also plenty of other meat, such as turkey and chicken liver which give a different taste and health benefits. Cats are carnivores so they don’t need a food that’s mainly grain or vegetables.


I have to say that because of the good ingredients list, I expected my cats to love this, and I was not wrong! Before I had even put it in their bowls, they were making a lot of fuss so it clearly smells good to them too. I also think it didn’t smell too bad which is great because it doesn’t make my house reek.

It’s close to what they would eat in the wild because of the high meat content, so they absolutely went mad for it. I also tried the lamb and beef versions – they were also a massive hit.

Small ginger kitten


This is down to preference to a point but my cats do enjoy a pâté, so this was perfect for them. It wasn’t too sloppy but it did come with a decent amount of gravy so it wasn’t dry either. I liked the fact that it didn’t drip everywhere when I put it in their bowls, and you can actually see the small pieces of veg they’ve added to increase vitamin intake.


I’m a big believer in giving my cats the best food for their health and to make sure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. There’s plenty of meat in these cans, but 5% is also fruit and vegetables. I wasn’t sure about this at first but after some extensive research, it turns out that there are benefits to that. Cranberries help to keep the urinary tract clear (just like they do in humans!), pumpkin can alleviate tummy problems and blueberries are a good source of vitamin C for your cat (in moderation) . Who knew?!

After feeding my cats Instinct Original for the trial period, I did notice that their coats were super soft and shiny, and they had a lot of energy they were using up playing with each other in the garden!

Their bowels were in good shape too – I didn’t have any unpleasant litter box experiences which gave the brand bonus points from me!

tabby cat looking at camera


It’s all well and good having your cat love a type of food but if you’re buying expensive cans every week then it’s not perfect. Nature’s Variety Instinct Original cans are 5.5oz, and the company recommends that for an adult cat, you should be feeding 1 can per 6 – 8lbs. That means that, along with your cat’s dry food, you can feed an average sized cat 1 can per day. It’s great value because you don’t have to keep opening a new can every meal time.


Nature’s Variety Instinct Original is my top pick for the best wet cat food out there. My cats love the taste and the texture, and it’s good value for money too. There’s a good range of flavours so try each one and find the ones your cat loves the most. The ingredient list is impressive as there is a huge percentage of meat in each can, plus added fruits and vegetables that improve your cat’s internal health. You’ll notice a big difference in energy levels and coat shine and you cat will love you even more for buying this!

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