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Ziwi Peak: Canned Cat Cuisine

Treat your cats to a tin of Ziwi Peak’s wet food – they’ll definitely show their appreciation for you! It’s a big hit in our house, from me and the cats, and it is definitely high on our list when it comes to buying high quality food.

Ziwi Peak: Canned Cat Cuisine
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  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Health
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This is a great product that I will definitely be buying again. My cats loved the rich flavours and texture of the Canned Cat Cuisine range, and having ethically and sustainably caught meat + seafood ticks more boxes for me!

Quality of Ingredients

I really can’t say enough good things about the quality of the ingredients that Ziwi Peak use. As you might have guessed by the packaging and name, the company is based in New Zealand, and source their meat from the country itself. If you’ve ever bought New Zealand lamb for your own dinner, then you’ll know why it’s famed for being so tasty.

Ziwi Peak pride themselves on using grass-fed, free-range lamb, rabbit, beef and venison, and sustainable caught mackerel, which is impressive for a pet food manufacturer. The first 5 ingredients are all meat-based, and there are more after that too. I was really please looking at the list and seeing things like kelp which is rich in minerals and vitamins.


As these cans are so full of meat and seafood, my cats were always going to love them! They really liked the different flavours, especially I think because some of them were mixed, like the mackerel and lamb, or rabbit and lamb. It was easy to test these cans because even though I offered all different flavours, every single one was gone in minutes!

Cat in long grass


The canned food from Ziwi Peak comes in a thick pâté, which you can soften up with a little water if you need to. However, it’s easy enough for a cat to eat straight away, and it’s not a big brown mess that you often find with canned cat food. There’s no extra gravy filling out the tin, as all of the moisture is in the food itself and it doesn’t need to be added.


If you’re looking for a rich, tasty canned food that mimics a healthy natural diet, then Ziwi Peak is the brand you should be buying. The high protein sources included really will improve your cats well being. You won’t find a fat cat that has been living off Ziwi Peak!

They claim that your cats’ joints and mobility will be better, and I can actually say that I agree with this. My cat with the tummy problems also felt a lot better because his bowel movements were a lot more solid and a lot less smelly so if you have a cat with a sensitive stomach then I’d recommend Ziwi Peak as a good wet cat food.


Although Ziwi Peak is an amazing food, according to their feeding instructions you would have to buy a case of 12 almost every week to keep a 8lb cat healthy and full. There’s a feeding calculator on their website though if you have a different sized cat. If you’re also giving them dry food then you could spread the cans out over a longer period.

Cat in a tree

You’ll have to make a decision – do you want to feed your cat a fantastic wet food and save on vet bills in the long run or give them something of less quality and end up with a cat who has special requirements as they get older?


Ziwi Peak’s Canned Cat Cuisine really is a great cat food. The flavours are rich, the ingredients are ethically sourced and the health of your cat will improve after eating it! I love the fact that the company uses local meat and seafood, and they seem to understand how a cat’s body works and have created their products around that.


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